Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape is an elastic cotton strip with an adhesive that is used to treat pain and disability from athletic injuries as well as a variety of other physical ailments.

What is Kinesio Tape?

special physio tape rolling on white background

The Taping method is a rehabilitative taping technique that helps to enable the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability for muscles and joints without limiting the body’s range of motion.

Kinesio Taping is currently being used by trained therapists to help change muscle tone, correct movement patterns, move lymphatic fluids, and improve posture.

The four major functions of Kinesio Taping are:

Reducing the feeling of pain and fatigue, protects muscle from over extension and contraction
Taping improves blood and lymphatic circulation and reduces irritation and excess chemical buildup in the muscle tissue
This means, the tape allows for the body to trigger the body’s own healing capabilities, a keystone of chiropractic medicine.
Allows for the improvement of the range of motion and adjusting misalignment, resulting from overused muscles.